Monday, February 24, 2014

A Source for Canned Sardines

It occurred to me that I forgot to give you the type of canned sardines used in the recipe. It was a whim that I happened to pick up this brand at Wholefoods. Picked up this brand because it was near the seafood section. I generally buy the Wholefoods brand and it's very good. I purchased Matiz because the sardines was packed with lemon juice and thought it would made for a very good flavor. This brand contains the sardines with bones, but the bones are small and fine to eat. However, some people don't like bones and more than fine to remove them because it's easy to do. If you like to try this brand, you can also purchase them online at Amazon (the Walmart of the Internet).

I hope that this is helpful, and feel free to let me know the brand of canned sardines you like to use. I would like to know if you ever cooked with fresh sardines.

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